We’re Live!

Hello, Welcome to the website. It is finally live!

Our first range is finished and we now have pictures up. We named it after the first custom fabrics range “Freshly Squeezed”, for which we had Luke Sharrock on board as pattern designer. This range is our first offering and is very special to us as it represents all the challenges and adventures of setting up the business, lucky chance meetings and months of collaborations. It consists of upholstered stools, cushions, chairs and lights. All ethically hand made from local sustainable materials, using sustainable production techniques.

More on that in About Mitsein.

It has been a fun ride over the last 10 months, since the decision to launch this baby, and we have been endlessly inspired by people, places and the art of making. Please enjoy looking at our products, and feel free to contact us about sales, collaboration or simply to talk design!

Until next time, Sarahstools-cluster-IMG_4913-base3